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Local craft beer 

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Proud Beer Makers

Since 2017, Lechasseur has been dedicated to the artisanal production of beers with home-grown hop cones.

We pride ourselves on brewing great beers every time, allowing us to serve our customers nothing less than the best. 
Every day we are driven by our core values: delivering quality flavours, honoring our customers and celebrating beer culture.

Experience it for yourself by visiting us for a tour of the brewery or a visit to our hop field, a special event or just to taste our beer.


Own hop field

We also try to make a mark on the use of our own ingredients.

This way you can go and see our new hop field with friends of ours

('t Hoveke 4, 8560 Gullegem).


We currently have 4 aroma hop varieties

(Cascade, Hallertau, Perle and Northern Brewer) 



Interested in our prices and options? Contact us!

Brewing beer on a small scale


Our specialization is brewing on a smaller scale, capacity per brew min. 250l, max. 500l.

Do you want to obtain an existing recipe or your own finished craft beer?

Then we are here for you!




Guided tours for individual visitors with tasting possible after reservation.

Contact us for a reservation



Event, neighborhood party, bachelorette party, birthday, wedding, spring party?

Have you always wanted to brew your own beer?


Promotional gifts

Are you looking for an original gift?

Gift boxes with different beers for customer or team.

Large numbers possible.








           Bold and refreshing

We are very pleased to present our range of locally brewed and carefully crafted beers with our own hop cones. Each variant, the well-known flavors as well as new creations and seasonal favorites, has beencomposed with care. View our full list in our webshop (coming soon).



A timeless favorite and therefore a real keeper. This beer, soft and dry in taste with spicy notes, is to everyone's taste! Perfect as an aperitif or on a summer terrace!


This beer contains 2 malt types and 2 hop varieties (Magnum and Cascade).


36 IBU


"Molly's white"



Surprising white beer with dry hopping! This beer is only produced in a small batch and makes for an excellent choice on special occasions or on a summer terrace. This dry-hopped wheat beer with refermentation in the bottle has a surprising character!!!


This beer contains 3 types of malt and 2 hop varieties (El Dorado and Huel Melon).




30 IBU


Red Ipa


This beer is a firm amber to red IPA with a good bitterness and a pleasant fruity aroma, nicely balanced by a slight sweet maltiness.

This beer contains 2 types of malt and 2 varieties of hops (Magnum and Simcoe).

  18 EBC

  75 IBU

etiket_web_red ipa.jpg

Brown Ale


This beer is a hoppy dark brown beer, with notes of chocolate, in which one of the malts, the Cara Ruby, gives it a deep caramel color and a richly malted taste! 

This beer contains six malt types and 2 hop varieties (Magnum, Cascade)

85 EBC

60 IBU

etiket_web_brown ale.jpg

Sales days

Facebook "Thuisbrouwerij Lechasseur"
Instagram "Bier Lechasseur"

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Facebook  "Thuisbrouwerij Lechasseur"

Instagram "Thuisbrouwerij Lechasseur"

Special Limited Edition

Rum-ba 75cl        9%

Onze brown ale 4 maanden gerijpt in rumvaten uit Martinique (rum Clément)

Bestellen en ophalen in onze thuisbrouwerij?

Neem contact op met ons via


Lechasseurs team

Brewer Koen is educated in food and has worked in various food sectors. Soon you could talk about a kind of love for the food sector in general. When he started with the rudiments of brewing in 2011, it is not surprising that the brewing bacteria was skipped.
The quest, the trial and error and the continuous trying to improve recipes has become a kind a way of life
Small detail, Koen has frenchized his last name:  Lechasseur

Maezy has an education in the tourism sector, not to mention the same interest in the brewing business, which brings his sales, marketing and distribution advantage to our adventure.
Small detail, both grandfathers of Maezy were active in the beer world as beer suppliers.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


              Points of sale


De Herder     

Gullegemstraat 17

8560 Wevelgem      

Cafe t Katje

Schuttershoflaan 78

8560 Gullegem


Peperstraat 3

8560 Gullegem

La Zoetje

Hoogstraat 61

8780 Oostrozebeke

Casa Verdic

Loofstraat 16

8500 Kortrijk

Supermarkets & Beverage Centers

AD Delhaize

51 General Eisenhowerstraat

8520 Kurne

Dranken Pauwels

Guido Gezellelaan 157a

8501 Heule

Alvo huis Maria

Brugsesteenweg 9

8531 Hulste

AD Delhaize

Menenstraat 268

8560 Wevelgem


Carrefour Market

Kortrijkstraat 307

8560 Wevelgem

Carrefour Market

Burg, Vercruysselaan 22

8500 Kortrijk

Carrefour Market

Deerlijksesteenweg 137

8530 Harelbeke

Carrefour Market

Vichtsesteenweg 280

8540 Deerlijk

AD Delhaize

59 Kortrijksestraat

8550 Zwevegem



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A question?  Don't hesitate to contact us at the email address below.

105 Bissegemstraat
Gullegem, 8560


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